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Responseware (TurningPoint)

Polling software


Interact with your audience with multiple choice polling questions. PointSolutions (TurningPoint) is a system that allows students to participate actively in a class by giving responses to polls. This system fully integrates with Microsoft PowerPoint and enables students to use this website here to participate in presentations and lectures by submitting responses on any device with an internet connection.

Help & Getting started

You can find different manuals here Alternative: MS Forms in PowerPoint here


Campus licence

Terms of use

PointSolutions will no longer be available after February 2024. Vevox will be the new campus-wide polling tool for the new academic year.


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Where to find

For Windows users the software is available through the software center on your TU Delft laptop. Mac users go to the TU Delft Self Service Application for Mac. The software will no longer be available after February 2024.