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Miro is an online collaboration tool (brainstorming tool with whiteboard-functionality).


In MIRO, you can collaborate on an online whiteboard on which various types of files (Word documents, PowerPoint slides, PDFs, spreadsheets, video, audio files, web links, etc.) and interactive objects (text, mind maps, storyboards, timelines) can be placed. Participants can zoom in and out on different parts of the whiteboard.

Help & Getting started

You can find the getting started materials here Check out Miro's Youtube channel to find more.


Campus licence

Terms of use

MIRO does not work in accordance with the privacy law general data protection regulation. Do not share sensitive or personal data in MIRO. In addition, MIRO collects more data than necessary.rivacy and or security sensitive materials, the use of Nialli (desktop version) is recommended. As an alternative we recommend using MS Whiteboard.

Privacy/Security Status



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Where to find

Employees only: Request an account in the TU Delft Self Service Portal here